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“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Peter Drucker

There is real evidence that culture trumps strategy and execution.

A company can have the best-laid plans and state-of-the-art technology and processes designed to get thing done, but if people are not moving in the same direction, execution becomes an obligation, not an inspiration. It should never be forgotten that people manage processes, people create innovation, and people grow companies.

Good, strong cultures inspire people to be their very best and contribute their very best. This means that the first responsibility of any leader is to design a culture that takes care of its people and sets them up for success.

BMG’s definition of culture is simple. It is how people belong and experience life at work, with family, or in the community.

Transformational shifts happen when employees experience purpose, understand what is important, and are clear on how to contribute and make a difference.

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How we Help Minimize

A 2016 Gallop study estimates employee disengagement at work cost Canadian businesses 450 billion dollars annually. Employees today are just not motivated to reach their potential. The data begs the question: How many people are unhappy with what they do everyday at work?

One thing we know for sure: You can either let culture happen or lead it intentionally.

Our signature 360º Leadership Assessment is a quantitative and qualitative interview experience that helps company leaders understand strengths, challenges and alignment of their current culture. This assessment helps identify culture alignment founded on five critical culture drivers:

  • Leadership – How we set people up for success;
  • Collaboration – Moving people from “me” to “we”;
  • Communication – Seeking to understand the work experience;
  • Engagement – How people experience life at work;
  • Accountability – Ownership of how success is designed.

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Culture Conductor Interview Minimize

See our Interview with the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Capital Ideas Panel Minimize

Our full recap of the event and the Capital Ideas Podcast, which is also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Video highlights of the event

Case Studies Minimize

BMG is proud to have helped numerous organizations achieve their goals by helping design unique conscious cultures for them. We'd like to share with you how this was accomplished through assessment and strategies. The following case studies are actual clients' stories. We've removed their names to protect the companies and their employees.

  • Case Study A - public company
    For this company a lack of collaboration was almost their downfall. Although day-to-day operations were carried out, productivity was low...
  • Case Study B - less than 100 employees
    This company had a very strong outward view of their business; they took excellent care of their clients, but when it came to their own backyard...
  • Case Study C - 200+ employees
    In this assessment it was discovered that staff did not understand the organization’s standard operating procedures due to a lack of process clarity, training and continuous involvement from management. Missing these key factors in production had a devastating impact on safety...

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Client Survey Results Minimize

To ensure we are consistently at the top our game, BMG regularly survey's our clients. Click HERE to see results from those surveys. 
Giving Back Minimize

BMG deeply believes in giving back to the community. This is why we are very proud to support Kiva, The Winnifred Stewart Association and Inner City High School.
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